On our way to meet up with the Giverny bus, we stopped for lunch at Cafe du Musee on Rue du Louvre. A restaurant with a similar name had been recommended to us, but we soon realized that this was not the right place.
But, we were there and we were hungry. I had a huge crepe with ham, cheese, mushrooms etc etc. It doesn’t look very pretty, but it tasted good. Bill had a huge tuna salad.
Then after our bus tour we were hungry AGAIN (kind of a constant feeling here in Paris). We walked past Spring restaurant – I was dying to go there but no reservations and we weren’t dressed properly. Down the street at Spring Wine Bar, the fellow working suggested we go across the street to a wine bar that served food. What a coincidence – it tuned out to be Le Garde Robe, one of the recommendations on the Slow Travel messageboard. We found two seats at the bar (actually there was only one seat but a very nice French guy gave up his seat for Bill). It was fun watching the bartender/cook Axelle fix the appetizer plates. Here she is.
We had a foie gras plate and a smoked salmon plate with lentil salad – both delicious. Two nice glasses of red wine recommended by Axelle – a perfect end to the day.
David Lebovitz wrote about Le Garde Robe here.
So, if you see this sign around the corner from Spring, be sure and stop by – you won’t be disappointed.

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